Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales

Industrial scales can be utilized in a variety of professional sectors. Mostly, these industrial scales will get their power from accumulators that are rechargeable and another option is to power them through a mains 241 volts supply. Industrial scales need to have certain basic functions such as zero reset function, piece count function and tare functionality.

Industrial scales – piece count function

Piece count functions are available in many different kinds of industrial scales. This function helps you to total up the insulated weight and is useful when calculating your inventory totals. It makes sense to pick from only those industrial scales that have obtained ISO certification. It also pays to look for models that boast of a RS 232 interface which allows you to transfer your data to your computer. For this, you will also require suitable software and also a good data cable.

Different options

There are plenty of different kinds of industrial scales to choose from. The PCE DS 600 series is a good option and it is liked for being very economical and can derive its power from batteries or from an adaptor. It can measure up to six hundred grams of weight. The PCE BS series industrial scales are top sellers and are very useful for different kinds of professional tasks. These machines can measure from 300 to 3000 grams and even up to six thousand grams.

PCE BSH 6000

The PCE BSH 6000 industrial scales offer superior accuracy and are also very cheap and compact and can measure weights in ranges of ten kilograms. You can choose whichever weight unit suits you including grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds and more. It also has RS 232 interface and software (optional) and it is also equipped with pieces counting functions.

The compactness of its design ensures that such an industrial scale will offer you a greater weighing range and it will measure weights with utmost accuracy. This is one of the more versatile industrial scales around and offers accuracy of reading of up to 0.2 grams.

PCE TSS tabletop industrial scales

PCE TSS tabletop industrial scales are made from stainless steel and are water resistant. These tabletop scales are encased in stainless steel housing and is protected against water and dust. It can measure weights in the range of up to fifteen kilograms and has 0.5 gram resolution. It can work on battery power and has a large screen with 25 mm digits. It also comes with tare and calibration functions and has an adjustable auto power feature as well.

PCE PS M Series (Legal for Class III/Trade)

The PCE PS M Series industrial scales are platform scales that are very robust and are used for trade and Class III jobs. This particular machine is equipped with its own RS 232 interface and you can also purchase an optional software kit. Maximum weight is sixty kilograms and there is another model that can weigh up to 150 kilograms. This is a multipurpose industrial scale and is able to display measurements in kilograms and is so accurate that it is a perfect choice for use in trade.

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