Salter Industrial Scales

Salter Industrial Scales

Salter industrial scales are known for quality and are handy items to have around in industrial locations. There are many different options available to those who are looking for the best in Salter industrial scales. The Salter Brecknell GP 100/GP250 is an example of the best Salter industrial scales. This particular model can be operated with battery power and is a portable weighing scale that is widely used in warehouses as well as in light industrial applications. Its key features include ability to switch from kilograms to pounds and it has an excellent display hold as well as has backlight as well as auto shut-off.

Industrial scales – weighs heavy loads

These Salter industrial scales are able to weigh loads of up to forty-five kilograms though another model allows you to weigh up to one hundred and ten kilograms and have an LCD display that shows digits in the size of 4 x 25mm. normally, such Salter industrial scales cost about 110 pounds but you can get it at a discount for just 69 pounds.

Salter Brecknell 250 Mechanical Bench Scale

The Salter Brecknell 250- Mechanical Bench Scale is another option available to anyone that wants to purchase Salter industrial scales. These Salter industrial scales are useful when you need to weigh parcels and for receiving of goods in which you need a weighing scale that is affordable and which works mechanically.

Tare adjustment

These Salter industrial scales have a clear eight inch diameter dial as well as a weigh plate and are available in different models that can weigh loads of 10, 30 and 60 kilograms. This particular type of Salter industrial scales also has twenty percent tare adjustment to ensure that weights of a container are deducted from the total weight shown.

These Salter industrial scales are available for sixty-five pounds (discount price). The normal price is seventy-five pounds.

B120 Weigh and Count Scale

If you are looking for counting Salter industrial scales then there are again a few options available. The Salter Brecknell B120 Weigh and Count Scale is a good option. These Salter industrial scales are absolutely portable and are suitable for use in any place in an industrial environment where mains power is not readily available.

These Salter industrial scales offer higher accuracy of counting and weighing and have red coloured LED displays that make the machine even more useful for use in areas that are not properly lit. These Salter industrial scales are available at a discounted price of 120 pounds. The original price is 160 pounds.

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